We shall have details about applications Abingdon 2022 in due course

The Cost

  • Resident (single bedroom): £850 in 2019
  • Non-resident: £750 in 2019

The cost includes full board for residents and lunch and dinner for non-residents.   



If you would like to apply for a place on the course, please return this application form using the 'Submit' button below, and send the following within a week of submitting your online application:

1.  An audio recording of your singing with two contrasting items, recorded live and within the past six months, sent as an e-mail attachment to:   A video recording is also acceptable.

2.  A headshot photograph - small format. Please also send as an e-mail attachment.

3.  A deposit of £50 - which forms part of the fee.  For security, bank account details for the Summer School will be sent on the receipt of an application form. If your application is unsuccessful, your deposit will be refunded. 

Payment can be made by:  Bank to Bank transfer, Online bank to bank transfer from a UK account, Sterling Bank Draft or credit card payment via Transferwise.   If paying from outside the UK, we advise using Transferwise, and details of that account will also be sent on receipt of application.


 Please ensure that you send your recording, photograph and deposit within

one week of submitting your online application.  

Contact details:                                   

Lindsay Herford,  Pencots, Northmoor, Oxon OX29 5AX

Tel no: (+44) 01865 300884    E-mail:

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