Dear Abingdonians

We have been hoping so much that it would be possible to hold a summer school this August, but sadly we feel that it is not going to be possible. There are three reasons for this.

Although we are fortunate in the UK that our Covid numbers have plummeted since the beginning of the vaccination programme, the situation is still volatile worldwide. Radley College has told us that although it would be very happy for us to return this summer, it would also need another (much larger) summer school to be present at the same time to make it viable. As this summer school draws its members entirely from abroad, there is severe doubt that it will be able to go ahead, and the decision whether to hold that course will not be made before the end of this month. This would give us too little time to be able to organise the detailed and personalised timetable that is a great feature of Abingdon.

Secondly, we have to acknowledge ongoing concerns about transmission of the virus by singing and socialising in confined spaces.

Finally, our insurance policy would not cover us in the event of cancellation due to the pandemic.

So, with great sadness we’ve reluctantly come to the conclusion that it’s simply unrealistic to go ahead with planning for this August. We feel that returning in 2022 with a safe and unrestricted course, rather than a compromised and hastily arranged one this summer, would be a better decision for everybody.

So, as we said last year, keep singing, keep learning and we really hope that we shall see and hear you at Abingdon 2022!

Lindsay, Henry and the rest of the team