Abingdon 2016

A few comments from the 2016 Feedback Forms….

Completely opened my mind to the possibilities of performance.Excellent teaching, fun atmosphere, wonderfully organised, confidence–building, thought-provoking. Inspirational. Thank you!

Very supportive, kind and inspiring people, it’s been a joy!! 

The working atmosphere is absolutely great, it’s easy to grow.

Very fair, with each student getting the same time and attention.

This course really helped me to grow as a singer. 

Extremely supportive and non-judgmental. The perfect environment to feel comfortable and challenged. 

The greatest amount of help and structure to my singing that I have ever received. 

This has been an invaluable experience – thank you for organising this wonderful course.

This course has helped me grow as a person, giving me so much joy and self-esteem. 

The kind-hearted, supportive atmosphere enhances the whole experience, making it truly unforgettable! 

Everyone is like a family. No-one is left out, and you receive amazing advice that will stick with you long after the course. 

Fantastically supportive and uplifting. 

Unbelievably friendly! I was quite apprehensive about what to expect, but my attitude and confidence towards singing has completely transformed! 

The course was absolutely inspiring, and has made me even more excited and determined for my future in singing. I don’t want to do anything else!

Our distinguished visiting tutors in 2016 were:

Dame Ann Murray

Catherine Wynne-Rogers

Christopher Purves

Toby Spence